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Local Bridgeton Eye Doctors

local bridgeton eye doctors

Local Bridgeton eye doctors at South Jersey Eye Associates are comprehensive eye care center experts. If you need eye examinations, eye treatment and preventive eye care with compassion and in a friendly environment, SJEA is here for you.

South Jersey Eye Associates is proud to offer its clients a wide selection of eye examinations, eye treatment and preventive eye care. In addition to our office hours, we offer 24/7 after hours emergency assistance. If you have an emergency, call our hotline at 856-455-5500.


We are Your Local Bridgeton Eye Doctors

South Jersey Eye offers a full range of examinations and treatments, from routine eye exams to advanced vision correction surgeries, including LASIK. We can assist you with dry eyes, allergy problems, sports vision troubles and much more. Our first class, modernized facility utilizes all of the latest diagnostic equipment, and our expert physicians are highly trained and committed to a “patient first” experience. We know there are other things you’d rather be doing with your day, so all of our employees work to make the experience as pleasant as possible.

In addition, we have a top notch eye wear center right here on the premises, enabling you to choose frames and lenses from a wide variety of top brands for every budget. Our sales staff will take all the time you need to select the ideal set of frames for your budget, and we’ll save you a trip to the big box retail stores with our competitive prices.

South Jersey Eye is here for all of your eye care and eye wear needs…we’re the easy and comprehensive choice for local Bridgeton eye doctors. Whether you need a routine exam or are experiencing vision problems, contact us today for an appointment. We accept all major insurances including Medicare, and we look forward to your visit.