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South Jersey Refractive Eye SurgeonsIf you would like to correct your vision problems without glasses or contact lenses, the South Jersey refractive eye surgeons at South Jersey Eye Associates may be able to help you. At SJEA, our optometrists and ophthalmologists are experienced and trained in comprehensive vision services, including the latest in eye surgeries such as LASIK procedures. We operate from a state-of-the-art facility in Bridgeton, NJ, and our customers return to us because of our dedication to personalized care.

LASIK surgery is a refractive eye surgery that has become popular among people with vision problems. It involves reshaping of the curvature of the cornea to duplicate the effects of eye wear or contact lenses. When a patient has a successful LASIK correction, it’s a great feeling…no more hassle of putting in contact lenses or having their eyeglass prescriptions adjusted.

LASIK and similar forms of refractive eye surgery can greatly improve a patient’s vision quickly and with little discomfort, but refractive eye surgery isn’t for everyone and does not always correct certain vision problems. Potential LASIK patients should be evaluated carefully and should know their options.

The South Jersey refractive eye surgeons at SJEA will meet with you for a laser vision consultation and eye exam, and we will help you decide whether a refractive eye surgery is right for you. With our experience and diagnostic technology that enables us to see precise and detailed images of your eyes, we can give you a full explanation of your surgery options. We will help you make an informed decision and what you can expect with refractive surgery, and whether it is right for you.

SJEA’s physicians are ready and able to diagnose your vision condition and help you with your eye care and eye surgery needs. We provide outpatient services, and we work in conjunction with other South Jersey refractive eye surgeons to give you the specialized and personalized care at a fair price.

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