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Can Your Child See Well?

If you have doubts about your child’s vision, here are some signs to look for.

How do his eyes look to you? Are they red-rimmed or encrusted? Are her eyelids swollen? Does he complain that his eyes itch or burn or feel scratchy? When she’s reading or watching television for a long time, does she complain of headaches? Do things look blurry to him sometimes?

Blinking and squinting are also signs of vision problems. So is becoming irritable or short-tempered from a headache or eye strain after studying for a long time.

You may think your child is clumsy when he or she stumbles over objects occasionally, things that any normal youngster would see and avoid. But the problem may be an issue with the eyes, not clumsiness.

Your child’s eyes are an important part of his life and health. They deserve a regular check-up too. If your child needs help, only a complete eye examination will tell you.