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Monthly Archives: October 2023

Happy Anniversary Month, Dr. Wuzzardo and SJEA

October is a very special month for South Jersey Eye Associates with milestone anniversaries to celebrate!

• Dr. Wuzzardo’s 10th anniversary of practicing optometry (2013).

• Dr. Wuzzardo’s 7th anniversary of ownership of the practice (2016).

• The 2nd anniversary of SJEA’s second location in Millville (2021).

• The 37th anniversary of providing “Eyecare At Its Best” to the South Jersey region (since 1986).

At your next appointment, be sure to wish Dr. Brandon J. Wuzzardo, Dr. Russell W. Chappius III, Dr. Lynne M. Porreca, and all the amazing staff a wonderful October!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Helping the School Nurses in Our Community

With the new school year in focus, the compassionate team at South Jersey Eye Associates is delighted to continue providing free contact lens care kits to school healthcare professionals at the beginning of each academic year. We have been running this program for 14 years and the positive feedback we have received inspires us to keep going.
Poor lens care can sometimes lead to eye infections and other complications. With this resource on hand—for teachers, staff, and students—we can help prevent some of these complications. Our hope is that any problems with contact lenses will be the biggest health worry school nurses face during the school year.
Unfortunately, sometimes more serious situations do occur. They know they can look to South Jersey Eye Associates should a student or staff member at your school experience a vision-related emergency. With two offices to better serve the South Jersey region—Bridgeton and Millville—our doctors are available when and where they need us the most.

October is Halloween Eye Safety Month

Optometric Physician Dr. Russell W. Chappius III presents South Jersey Eye Associates “Eye on Vision” for October.

October is Halloween Eye Safety Month. To ensure that your family enjoys a vision-safe Halloween, follow these safety tips from Dr. Chappius:

  • Test any eye or face makeup on the back of your hand to check for allergy or sensitivity.
  • Avoid costumes with masks, wigs, floppy hats, or eye patches that block vision.
  • Refrain from pointed props such as spears, swords, or wands that may harm other children’s eyes.
  • Carry a bright flashlight to improve visibility.
  • Never buy cosmetic contacts without a prescription! Never share your cosmetic contacts with others or use someone else’s contacts! Improper use of cosmetic lenses can lead to serious eye complications. These problems include bacterial infections, swelling, eye pain, sensitivity to light, conjunctivitis (pink eye), corneal scratches, corneal ulceration, and even permanent loss of sight.

Contact SJEA today to schedule an appointment to learn more about Halloween Eye Safety and ensure your family has the best vision possible.

We look forward to seeing you soon!