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Monthly Archives: August 2022

Floaters: What are they and why do you see them?

EYE ON VISION. Dr. Russell Chappius III presents this addition to the SJEA Eye on Vision Library. Here he explains what floaters are, why you see them, and when you should be concerned.








August is Children’s Eye Health & Safety Month

With August being Children’s Eye Health & Safety Month, South Jersey Eye Associates has asked our very own Optometric Physician, Dr. Russell W. Chappius III to present SJEA’s “Eye on Vision” for August.

In this video, Dr. Chappius gives us his thoughts on the importance of eye exams for children of all ages, especially as they prepare for school in the fall. Even if your child doesn’t complain about or exhibit eye problems, poor vision can still greatly impact their learning.

Dr. Chappius also mentions that one of his biggest concerns is myopia or near-sightedness. He has been seeing an increase in this diagnosis in children lately, due in part to the use of phones and tablets being introduced at an earlier age. A baseline examination is recommended as myopia can lead to other complications down the road. This baseline exam will also give your eye doctor an opportunity to check for hereditary retinal diseases that often present themselves during childhood.

With the start of the new school year right around the corner, there is no better time than now to bring your child in for a comprehensive eye exam. Contact SJEA today to schedule an appointment so that you can confidently send your child back to school with the best vision possible. We look forward to seeing you!