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Dry Eye Treatment

Do yDry Eye Treatmentour eyes suffer persistently from

• Dryness
• Redness
• Itchiness
• Burning
• Grittiness

These are just some of the symptoms of dry eye syndrome, a condition that occurs when the eye’s tear production isn’t adequate. If you suffer from dry eye, you know the kind of misery it can cause. In some cases, dry eye can even affect your vision.

Dry eye can be caused any number of factors—from environmental conditions to medication reactions to certain systemic diseases. Dry eye sometimes proves to be a chronic condition, but, with the right treatment, the symptoms of dry eye can be successfully managed.

At South Jersey Eye Associates, we’re dedicated to the treatment of dry eye syndrome. If you experience dry eye, we can perform an examination to determine the quantity and quality of your tears and the factors causing your discomfort. We can offer you a treatment plan that will best address your condition.

Are you wondering if you’ve got Dry Eye Disease?

Symptoms may include:

• Red eyes
• Burning or itching eyes
• A feeling that there is sand or grit in your eyes Contact lens discomfort
• Light sensitivity And watery eyes

Dry Eye Disease can get worse over time and cause permanent impairment of vision, so its important to have a dry eye evaluation if you are experiencing any of these symptoms. Dry Eye Disease symptoms and symptoms of other ocular irritations sometimes look the same. We can confirm the diagnosis. South Jersey Eye Associates is an Accredited Dry Eye Center and has the tools to confirm your diagnosis and develop a treatment plan for you.

When scheduling your appointment or checking in, be sure to let us know if you are having any of these symptoms.