sports eyewear

South Jersey Eyewear, a division of SJEA, offers a huge variety of stylish sports-specific glasses and sunglasses, both with and without prescription. Our professional opticians can not only tell you what product provides the best protection for your sport of choice, but also show you how the right product can actually enhance your game.

Eyewear Thats “Got Game”
Many tinted sports lenses are engineered to enhance certain colors and give an athlete an advantage for their particular sport, helping them better distinguish their surroundings while improving depth perception. Other lens features like polarization and anti-reflective treatment can help cut down glare from sun and artificial light. Photochromic lenses that darken or lighten according to conditions are especially advantageous for outdoorsmen like hunters who move between areas of sun and shade.

Sports Protection
The US Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that 38,000 sports-related eye injuries are reported every year. Most sports demand eye protection. Impact-resistant lenses that offer adequate eye coverage are a must—as are durable, properly padded frames and elasticized sports bands. Sufficient UV protection is also critical for any outdoor sport, particularly one that involves snow or water.

On January 11, 2006, the New Jersey State Senate and general Assembly enacted a bill requiring “any child who wears corrective eyeglasses while participating in racquetball, squash, tennis, women’s lacrosse, basketball, women’s field hockey, badminton, paddleball, soccer, volleyball, baseball or softball, sponsored by a school, community or government agency… to wear protective eyewear that meets the frames standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials and lens standards of the American National Standards Institute.” The New Jersey council on physical Fitness and Sports is authorized to provide grants to assist low-income families in purchasing the protective eyewear.