January is Glaucoma Awareness Month






Glaucoma has no warning signs. Nearly 3 million Americans have glaucoma and half of them don’t even know it.

Left untreated, glaucoma can result in permanent vision loss or even blindness. Fortunately, a comprehensive dilated eye exam can detect glaucoma in its early stages before noticeable vision loss occurs.

While anyone can get glaucoma, people at higher risk for glaucoma include African Americans age 40 and older and everyone over age 60, especially Hispanics/Latinos and those with a family history of the disease.

If you are at higher risk for glaucoma, make a point of having a comprehensive dilated eye exam every one to two years or as recommended by your eye care professional—even if you are not experiencing vision problems! Keep vision in your future.

Learn more about glaucoma and how to protect your vision by speaking with your doctor at South Jersey Eye Associates.